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Edu Data Online is organized and run by a distributed team of professionals who build and publish educational resources like data science, data analytics, big data, deep learning on the website . It is launched on 2nd January in 2021. We believe that the exploding field of data science will definitely provide countless opportunities for students and new learning programs in the data science field and we want to contribute and add value to these exciting new opportunities. Our writers include graduate students, university faculty members, and other data science experts. Since this field is growing so fast we do expect that some content on this site would be constantly updated.  And please let us know if you have any feedback or information you would like us to share with our readers. Contact us at: edudataonline@gmail.com


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Data science is about extraction, preparation, analysis, visualization and maintenance of information. It is a cross-disciplinary field which uses scientific methods and processes to draw insights from data.

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Data analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software.

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Big data refers to voluminous amounts of structured or unstructured data that organizations can potentially mine and analyze for business gains.

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I am pursuing MCA (MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION) from IGNOU. I did my BSc honours degree from Kanpur University. I also have a certificate of “fundamental of digital marketing” by Google and “fundamental of remote sensing” by IIRS.

I am keenly interested in the Data Science and data analytics field and having knowledge of foreign education systems. That is why I write articles on this kind of topic. I have been working as a blogger for Edu Data Online web for 3 months.

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So, you may be thinking that I am the only one who writes all the contents in the Edu Data Online blog, right? But actually not. There are more than ten writers who have been writing dedicatedly since the very first time of the blog. They all have expertise in different fields related to Computer science. So, let’s check out all details about them.

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Let's spread the knowledge together all over the world !

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Professional Writer

Reeta Shah

Hi, I am Reeta Shah who is working as a Freelance Content Writer. Have great experience in creative writing for different Niches. Worked as Assistant Editor and Communication Manager for Metro Rail News Magazine. I am also very much interested in data science, data analytics, big data. Thank you.

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Professional Writer

Sandyagu R

Hi, I am Sandyagu R, a Kerala-based freelance content writer and web developer. Currently, I am doing my bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the college of engineering Trivandrum. My interests include Data science and related fields, computer vision, financial technology, battery management systems. My skill set includes web development, literature, video editing, and photo editing.

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Content Writer

Radhika Mishra

Hey! I am Radhika Mishra, a chemistry enthusiast, and a freelance content writer. I have been working on regular projects with websites, blogs, and startups as well. I also help entrepreneurs with LinkedIn branding and optimizing their profiles. My preferred niches are tech, science and education.