21 Amazing Big Data Tools That Will Lead Your Business To The Next Level in 2021

Nowadays big data tools play a big role in our everyday life. We generate tons of data every minute. There should be some tool where one can analyze those data to get an idea about the trend. The data generated by us helps the marketer to understand our needs and wants. That is why marketing experts always use efficient tools to analyze data for their marketing purpose.

There are so many big data tools available in the market. These tools are used to store, analyze and create a full report from a particular set of data. Currently, data has become much more important than any other thing in the world. Here we have talked about 21 amazing big data tools you can use in 2021 for different types of analyses.

Big Data Analytics Tools

1. Xplenty

It is one of the best big data tools that is used to prepare data by integrating and processing different data elements. It also has a cloud where you can store your data without thinking much about the memory consumption of your system. It is used to bring different types of data together and create a graphic interface where you can get all the solutions to the analytical problems.


Special Features

  • This platform is one of the best big data tools right now because it is scalable and has separate cloud storage to store the data.
  • You can connect a lot of data in a single place and can get access to them anytime from anywhere.
  • You will get a lot of components to transform your data in its built-in library. The language is also quite rich to prepare complex functions.
  • You can customise this tool as per your need because it is flexible.
  • You can use this tool for 7 days in their free trial before paying for it.

2. Apache Hadoop

It is one of the most famous big data tools right now. It is perfect for people who have to handle big data on daily basis and has a clustered system of different files. This software uses the MapReduce model for programming. It is completely open-source and also written in a simple language like Java.

Special Features

  • This analytics tool supports cross-platform usage where you can use it from any data analytics platform you want.
  • It has a distributed system of files where you can hold different types of data. This is the main reason why so many fortune 50 organisations use this tool.
  • You can get quick access to your data on this scalable platform.
  • If you have an Apache licence then you can use this tool for free.

3. Knime

Knime is the Konstanz Information Miner which is used for data mining purposes. Currently, many companies are using it as a substitute for SaaS software. The best part is this tool supports all types of operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Special Features

  • This software is user friendly and that is why it is one of the best big data tools right now.
  • It can integrate different technologies and programming languages with its rich algorithm.
  • The workflow is quite organised and it can automate repetitive manual work as well.
  • This tool is quite easy to set up.
  • The platform is free to use but they have some specific products which can increase the capability of the platform.

Big Data Visualisation Tools

4. Tableau

It is one of the most common big data visualization tools where you can create interesting graphics to get a clear view of your data. That is why it has some big customers in the market. So, if you want to have a clear view of the analytics then this software can serve you well.

Special Features

  • You can create charts, maps and infographics to get an idea about the data. Graphical representation is helpful to people who don’t know the technology properly.
  • You can use it online on your PC or mobile phone if you don’t want to install any software in your system.
  • You can choose the service solution if you don’t know how to set up an analytics tool manually.

5. Infogram

If you want to connect the real-time data with the visualization elements then this software can be a very good option for you. It can personalize your data by using so many templates available in the library of the software. That is why renowned company owners choose this over many other big data visualization tools.


Special Features

  • It has a three-step process where you can choose the template, personalize the infographics and share the report.
  • You can get a team account if you have to work with a lot of people on a single project.
  • This is a very good tool for educational usage where you have to implement some critical theories in visual aspects.
  • It can create different images, charts, maps and videos for a better understanding of data.

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Big Data ETL Tools

6. Hevo Data

If you want some useful options for big data ETL tools with no code feature with data pipeline then this product can be a very good option for you. It has a prebuilt library for the integration of data from around 100 data sources. You can automate your data quite easily with this particular software.

Special Features

  • The software is completely automated and that is why you don’t have to manage or maintain it regularly.
  • You can transform your data by modifying or changing it. It offers the real-time migration of data.
  • You can monitor the activities in the pipelines in the advanced live monitoring system.
  • The price of this software starts from $249 per month.

7. Informatica

It is one of the most common big data ETL tools right now where you can integrate data from the traditional type of databases. The capturing of real-time data is much easier with this software. If you have a very large company then this product is a perfect fit for you.

Special Features

  • With this software, you can get to access real-time data and you can capture them easily.
  • It has a dynamic partitioning system to handle your data in an efficient way.
  • You can do data masking for the analysis purpose in this particular tool.
  • The basic price of this software is $2000 per month. So, it is a little bit expensive than any other tools available in the market.

Big Data Testing Tools


It is known as Hadoop Distributed File System. This is one of the most famous big data testing tools. Different testing processes can be done by using this tool. The most important feature of this software is it can store a huge amount of data and stream with high bandwidth in different applications.

Special Features

  • It can constantly monitor the health of different files and rebalance all the data available in the different nodes.
  • You can get the previous version of the software even after upgrading it. It is quite an important feature for the people who make some minor errors while upgrading it.
  • The availability of this software is quite high and that is why the user-friendly design can help you to test your data easily.

9. Hbase

This is a top-notch database management software in the world of big data testing tools. The people who have a lot of data sets use this software to make their job easier. That is the main reason why it has become quite famous among the company owners as one of the most used big data tools.

Special Features

  • This software is linear and has the scalability to use for a consistent result.
  • You can create automatic tables which you can configure anytime by using simple Java code.
  • You can conduct real-time queries in this software. You just have to use some filters to get the right information.

Big Data Open-Source Tools

10. Apache Spark

It is one of the best big data open-source tools if you want to handle a lot of data by using some web application. You can analyze batch data as well as real-time data in the software and it can operate around 100 times quicker than software like MapReduce.

Special Features

  • It has a fast disc processing system where you can process your data quickly.
  • It is one of the most versatile big data tools in the market which can be used for different types of data and its usage.
  • It can integrate itself with many other big data tools which are quite helpful to accumulate the results of different data analytics tests.

11. MongoDB

It is one of the most famous big data open-source tools in 2021 where you can use an open-source database with a lot of features. It has cross-platform compatibility and you can integrate it with different programming languages.

21 Amazing Big Data Tools That Will Lead Your Business To The Next Level in 2021

Special Features

  • It can store all types of data like text, arrays, Boolean, dates or even strings.
  • You can configure this software anytime because of its high flexibility.
  • Data partitioning is much easier in this software.
  • It can save a lot of money for you as it is completely open-source.

Big Data Management Tools

12. Oracle

Oracle is one of the most used big data management tools right now because of its comprehensive behavior. Managing data is quite easy in the software and you can deliver consolidated data in a very short period.


Special Features

  • You can build your data, deploy it and manage the whole dataset in a single space in the software.
  • You can share consolidated data consistently with different analytical applications.
  • Data governance is easy in this software to maintain the quality of the analytical result.
  • Cross-functional collaboration is possible by using this tool.

13. SAP

After Oracle, SAP has become quite popular in the world of big data management tools. It currently has three different technologies at a single point so that you can get access to your data from anywhere anytime. It is greatly cloud-based and that is why working on data is much easier in this tool.


Special Features

  • It can handle both structured and unstructured data and you can manage your metadata.
  • It is a cloud-based solution and that is why you can store the data in the cloud storage easily.
  • This tool is quite cost-effective and has a lot of autonomous features to help you in your data analysis work.

Big Data Software Tools

14. AnswerDock

It is a software with artificial intelligence to handle your big data related analysis. Business owners use this to create their reports regarding a lot of data regularly. It helps them to get their queries answered just like a search engine.

Special Features

  • This software has the Natural Language Processing system to handle data in any type of language.
  • It can make your job faster than any other big data software tools available right now.
  • You can sign up for this product for free and check the usability by uploading any type of data.

15. Cluvio

It is an integrated software where you can run your SQL queries and process those data in R. After that you can create interactive visual elements to present the data excitingly. This is the main reason why so many start-ups are using this tool to make their job easier.

Special Features

  • You can create interactive dashboards within a few minutes by using different infographics.
  • Sharing the report is not a very complicated thing here. You can directly share the infographics with your customers to make them understand the report.
  • You can use the different embedded features in this software to add some analytical aspects to any type of website.
  • The price of this software is lesser than the other big data software tools. So, it is affordable for the small companies as well.

Big Data Reporting Tools

16. Azure Data Lake Analytics

If you want some good quality big data reporting tools then this software can help you with that. You can use large-sized data to do sentiment analysis in this tool. After analysing the data, you can get a visual representation of the result to understand the report easily.

Special Features

  • If you have to handle batch workloads now and then, this software can be a good option for you.
  • It is one of the most used software in the business intelligence sector for reporting purposes.
  • This software has complimentary storage in its relational database. SQL is not used in this tool.
  • You have to pay for only the amount of data you will analyse in this software. So, it is cost-effective as well.

17. IBM Cloud Pak for Data

It is an integrated system to provide data analysis solutions and save the data in cloud storage. It is driven by artificial intelligence and that is why it can give you a sophisticated solution for business analytics purposes. It can reduce the complexity level to integrate your data and can structure different types of data in a single space.

Special Features

  • If you want to have a customised workflow to analyse your data then this can be a very good software for you.
  • It can give optimum security to your data to save you from cybercrimes.
  • It can maintain your pre-existing batch of data by optimising the storage regularly.
  • The price of this software starts from $800 per month. But you can use it for free for 7 days to check whether the software is good for you or not.

Big Data Integration Tools

18. IBM Infosphere Optim

It is one of the best big data integration tools to handle a huge amount of data. If you want an efficient set of big data tools then this product should be on your list for sure. It can manage your data in all the stages of the data life cycle.

Special Features

  • It can manage the data throughout different stages of the whole life cycle.
  • This tool can extract the data from multiple places and integrate it into an ideal test environment.
  • Compilation and analysis of data are much easier with this software.

19. Talend Data Studio

It has a large suite of different apps from where you can choose the best ones as per your usage. You can go for the open-source software as well as the paid apps to handle your data in this particular data integration tool. That is why it is considered to be one of the best big data integration tools.

Special Features

  • You can choose open-source software if you don’t want to install any specific tool for your regular data analysis purpose.
  • It can integrate different points from where you can get your data to process it further.
  • You can store your data in the cloud after getting the desired result from the analysis.

Big Data Processing Tools

20. Flink

This software is used as a data flow engine to stream different types of data. It can also process a whole batch of data by using the real-time framework. You can get different types of APIs if you use this software to embed your data.

Special Features

  • In this tool, you can get a lot of libraries to process your dataset by using machine learning technology.
  • It has a continuous streaming option with a low latency level.
  • This software is light and that is why you can use it even if you don’t want to install some large size software.

21. Storm

It is another big name in the world of big data processing tools where you can use the distributed computation system to handle real-time data. You will get an acyclic graph from the results so that you can understand the analysis report properly. The best part is you can use any type of programming language to handle data in this particular tool.

Special Features

  • This software is quite fast and that is why people use it to process around 1 million messages of 100 bytes size in a second.
  • It is completely scalable and that is why you can use this by integrating it with different machines.
  • This tool is completely reliable and that is why data security is not a concern for this tool.
  • Apache Storm is highly operable so you can deploy and use it easily.


These are some big data tools that can be used for a specific purpose as per the usage. You have to understand your requirement at first to use them so that you can choose the best product accordingly. You can go through their website to know all the necessary details regarding the software. After that, you will be able to choose the best product for yourself.


Is Python a big data tool?

Yes. Python is one of the best big data tools. It is mostly used when you need to integrate data analysis with a particular database.

What big data tools does Facebook use?

Facebook uses Hadoop as their big data tool. They do all the things like searching, processing and analysis of data by using this software. It is one of the most used big data tools in social networking platforms.

Is Hadoop dead in 2020?

Hadoop is not dead at all. But currently, other technologies are much more flexible and efficient than Hadoop. So, you can get a large set of options while choosing the big data tools for yourself.

Can we use Python in Hadoop?

Hadoop is completely written in the framework of Java. But you can write your code in C++ or Python language to run it in Hadoop.

Which is better Python or Hadoop?

Both the software is completely different from each other. Hadoop is a database related framework. On the other hand, Python is a particular programming language used in different frameworks. So, both of them are used in different conditions.

Why are all the big data tools written in Java and not Python?

Big data tools are written in Java because this language has much more efficiency than Python. Moreover, Java is much older than Python and it is getting used for a long time now.

Can big data tools handle similar problems?

If you use some efficient big data tools then you can easily handle similar problems by integrating them into a single software. So, if you want to have a one-stop solution then you have to opt for expensive software to solve all the problems in a single space.

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