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Cornell Data Science Program 2021-All Your Interesting and Awaited Answered


Cornell University is a private university founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, located in Ithaca, New York. It is a Statutory, Ivy League, and land-grand research university. It is one of the top private universities and has exceptional education for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Data Science is one such course that has received a tremendous amount of students in past years, this course as a career opportunity is rising up and Cornell University also offers this course, and currently, it is the only Ivy League University that provides this program.

Below are all the queries solved with respect to Data Science at Cornell and how can you be a Cornellian and ace your future.

Cornell Data Science Undergraduate

According to, they have undergraduate programs in The Department of Statistics and Data Science in three tracks.

Course Curriculum

  • Statistical Science

This field deals with Information Science, it integrates the three major themes which are mathematical science, applied science, and computational statistics. Data science includes computational statistics so it focuses on a firm grounding in these areas.

  • Social Statistics

This social statistics program is designed to provide the student’s knowledge and training on statistical reasoning, and using the statistical tools of analysis.

  • Biometry and Statistics

This program includes the use of statistics, mathematics, and computing methods to solve problems. This is the best-suited track for data science as the graduates of this program work as Data scientists or Data Science Consultants.

Admission Procedure

If you are a first-year applicant, here are few important things to be taken care of in your admissions process:

  1. The Common Application (CA)

After choosing the college and course, you need to fill in the Common Application form which can be completed and submitted online.

2. Application supporting materials

Along with the Common Application, you are asked to submit few more materials such as

  • The school report- This should be submitted by your counselor or the school you were in and with an official transcript on your behalf
  • Counselor Recommendation- Recommendation does the most of the work, it creates an impression about you, Cornell requires a written statement from your counselor or college advisor.
  • Teacher Evaluation- You also need to submit Recommendation by any two of your teachers of your previous school or college with your name and date of birth on all pages.
  • Midyear report- Submit the mid year report and exceptions can be made with students on trimesters and they may not have any new grade at that point of time.

All these minute yet important things are to be looked upon before you begin your admission procedure.

Fee Structure

The detailed breakdown of 2021-2022 estimated cost of attendance:

  • Tuition- $60,286
  • Student activity- $309
  • Health fee- $420
  • Books and supplies- $1000

The total estimated cost would sum up to $80,287. However, the Financial Aid at Cornell can help a lot to reach you to your ultimate goals if you are truly determined to.

Cornell Data Science Masters

If you wish to go further and do a master’s in Data Science, then Cornell University can be the right option. The master’s program for Data Science at Cornell is known as The Masters of Professional Studies in Applied Statistics.


Course Curriculum

It has two options :

  • Techniques of Statistical Analysis- The main topics covered are descriptive statistics, statistical interference, linear regression and also learning the statistical software. Most people go for this option as it includes everything of option 2 with additional knowledge of statistics.
  • Data Science – It includes data analysis and machine learning , roles of data scientist , data acquisition , information visualization and Cornell provides rigorous training in data analytic skills to boost up your career.


The duration for this program is two semesters only and the career options are wide open, you need to be a well-prepared student with the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in statistics and data science.

Admission Requirements

The basic admission requirements you need to have for masters in Data Science in Cornell are:

1.Bachelor’s Degree

To start the MPS degree which is The Masters of Professional Studies at Cornell, a student is required to have a bachelor’s degree which should be quantitatively oriented and can be from any of the fields. The degree must be from an accredited college or university and with an official transcript.

2. Minimum Mathematical Background

Let’s face it, data science and mathematics have an old relation, Cornell gives importance to students with minimum mathematical background. It also includes

  • Two semesters of calculus
  • One elementary non-calculus based statistics
  • One course in matrix algebra

Ace your mathematical skills to get the best career opportunity at Cornell.

3. Official GRE Scores

The official GRE scores are to be reported directed to Cornell University.

4. Official TOEFL scores for international students

The international students are asked to take up the TOEFL exams (Test of English as Foreign Language) and the minimum scores must be met. (minimum scores: listening 15, writing 20, reading 20, speaking 22)

5. Resume

A resume is optional but it surely assists the admission committee to know and evaluate your background.


The deadline for Fall Admission is February 1.

The deadline for Spring Admission is October 1.

The admission details are not finalized until late May or early June.

Fee structure

The fee structure for this course as per

  • Tuition and Fees- $20,886-87965
  • Books and supplies- $1,332
  • Miscellaneous- $,3420

The MPS program in Cornell does not offer scholarships, fellowships or assistantships, however, domestic students may apply for student loans and domestic minority students can ask for Cornell’s Fellowship.

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Cornell Data Science Certificate Course

The Cornell University has e-Cornell, which is an online certificate course for data science and it is accredited by project management institute and all the e-Cornell certificates and courses are eligible for continuing education.

As per the three weeks data analytics certificate course costs $3600.

Cornell Data Science Major

The major at Cornell University help you find a job after graduation and also provides you with various career-related information. If you are intended for a career in Data Science, then this course helps you get a skill set, interactive collaboration with the researchers, and train you all for the high positions in academia, industry, or government.

PhD Major Data Science

There are several fields and you can choose the one which goes the best with your interest and career goals.

Course Curriculum

1.Computational Biology

If you are interested in mathematics or relating genetics and the biological process then is the course for you.

2.Electrical and Computer Engineering

If your interest lies in the applications of statistics in data processing, information theory then you can go for this major.

3.Industrial and Labor Relations

Students with a background of social science can go for this major with subjects like Economics and Social Statistics.


The duration of this course is from 8 to 10 semesters and the students are required to be ‘in residence’.

You can also check for both the Guide to Graduate and the Code of Legislation.

Admission Procedure

Let’s take a look at the important documents along with the application needed to enroll in this program at Cornell :

  • College transcripts which includes certified copies, or certified translations in English.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official Graduate Record Exam scores
  • Official Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam
  • Statement of Purpose, in a statement of purpose you include the description of your background, your purpose or reason for doing a Majors. It also gives you an opportunity to specify or highlight your qualifications or experience if you have any.

Expected Background

Before you take admission in Cornell for Majors, there are some background expectations from the university which include: background in mathematics, computer science, statistics or a related field. You are expected to have coursework in mathematical analysis, algebra, advanced calculus, probability, and applied statistics.

Also, students with significant gaps in their coursework program will be at a disadvantage when applying. However, there may be an exception for students with important deficiencies during their coursework.

Tuition or Financial Aid

In Cornell, nearly all of the graduate students pursuing majors are given full assistance in terms of cost. Cornell’s financial aid covers the tuition fees, gives a general stipend, and full health insurance. The department tries to protect a maximum of 5 years of supports to students that enter this program.

Other than this it will also include teaching assistantship, research assistantship, and fellowship.

Cornell Data Science Minor

The Cornell University also offers a minor in Data Science. This is designed for students who are interested in understanding the methods of data analysis and data gathering. For a minor in Data Science, a student must have a member of this field on the student’s committee.

The website of Cornell has a requirements page for further details on this course.

This course requires at least 4 courses or at least 14 credit hours. Also, the course selection must be approved by the minor committee member.

Course Curriculum

The initial lists of courses in these areas are below:


  • Machine learning for Intelligent Systems
  • Machine learning for Data Science
  • Heath tech, data and Systems
  • Principles of Large Scale Machine Learning systems
  • Matrix computation
  • Data-Sparx Matrix Computation
  • Numerical Methods for Data Science
  • Advanced Machine Learning

2.Statistical Modeling and inference

  • Statistical Data Mining I
  • Learning with Big Messy Data
  • Information theory, Probability Modeling and Financial Applications
  • Applied Time Series Analysis
  • Big data technologies
  • Information theory for data transmission, security, and machine learning
  • Statistical methods II


  • Optimization Modeling
  • Mathematical Programming I, II
  • Integer Programming
  • Data-driven Optimization
  • Optimal System analysis and design
  • Dynamic Optimization

4. Ethical, Legal, and Policy Issues

  • Ethics and Policy in Data Science
  • Surveillance and Privacy
  • Ethical thinking about Digital Technologies and Data
  • Information, Technology, and Society
  • Social Research Design and Method

If needed, you can read the detailed course description for a minor in Data Science in the link mentioned below:


For minors in Data Science, be sure that the faculty member is listed as a Minor Member for Data Science. The minor student is required to record the courses taken in the minor on a form supplied by the field.

The courses that a student uses towards the minor must be in at least two of the areas mentioned above in the Course Curriculum.

Cornell Data Science Ranking

The Cornell University has total of 39 rankings in 2021.

According to the overall score of this university is 86/100. The University is ranked at #18 in National Universities, #4 in Best College for Veterans.

When talking of the rankings, this university is at #8 in Data Analytics/Science which clearly breaks down for us to begin our career foundation from this university.

Cornell Data Science Project Team

Cornell offers students a learning opportunity in the form of a Project Team led by undergraduates and they are asked to solve complex problems of the real world, this project team concept attracts students for many courses, and in data science to the undergraduate project team makes this course more demanding and limits the seat for students.

However, with the team, the faculty also plays a major role, and let us name some field faculty members in Data Science such as John Abowd, Karla Ballman, Sumanta Basu, James Booth.

The email link of these faculty and many others are mentioned in the website of Cornell website .

Cost of Attendance

Here is the list of basic costs to be incurred when thinking of being a student at Cornell:

Tuition and Fees

$60,286 for Endowed Colleges

$40,382 State Contract Colleges

$60,286 State Contract Colleges (Non-NY State)

Housing and Dining

$16,396 Living on campus

$16,396 Off-campus apartments

Books, supplies and miscellaneous

$1000 books and supplies

$1876 personal/miscellaneous

You can visit to get details on financial aid or cost regarding the university. The university has provisions in its financial aid to cover up the entire cost of the course as well as living on many fields of study.

YouTube video


The Department of Statistics and Data Science’s academic and research programs take full advantage of Cornell University’s extensive resources. The department for Data Science at Cornell is itself a multi-college partnership.

Cornell offers exceptional faculty and students committed to excellent training and instruction at the undergraduate, MPS, and Majors and Minors for all courses.

The official website of Cornell has details of all the courses and the contact information which can be used to clear any query left.

Cornell is one of the best universities in the world and they aim to find students who fit suitable in their standards, it evaluates a student’s intellectual potential, character, involvement, and reason behind joining the university. Being a Cornellian will boost up your career and help you reach heights.


Is Cornell good for Data Science?

The course offered by Cornell for data science is designed with a high level of technical training and the use of applied statistics to give students the experience of work and learning with experience sharpens you for the job so it is indeed best for data science.

How much is the Cornell Data Analytics certificate?

The eCornell certificate for data science costs $3600, which can be paid in 3 monthly payments of $1250.

What is the acceptance rate of Cornell University?

The acceptance rate is 10.9% as per 2020 reports.

Which has a better data science program, Columbia, Cornell, or NYU?

The program of Cornell has training in modern data analytics, whereas Columbia can also be a top option for Computer Science and NYU has overall more population in students because of its demand. All these universities have a similar course for Data Science, so it depends on the student to choose the best according to their need, fees, and various reasons.

Cornell Data Science Program 2021-All Your Interesting and Awaited Answered

I am a technical writer and have covered many topics including Data Science. Data Science is going to be one of the best career options in the upcoming years and my blog is well-researched and has all information about Data science and career.

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Cornell Data Science Program 2021-All Your Interesting and Awaited Answered

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I am a technical writer and have covered many topics including Data Science. Data Science is going to be one of the best career options in the upcoming years and my blog is well-researched and has all information about Data science and career.