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All You Need To Know About Data Science Consulting in 2021


Data Science is gaining immense popularity these days, with various career opportunities and a new area to work upon it has gained popularity. For a layman, if you want to put Data Science in simple terms then it is the study of data. Data are the most basic yet important unit and to have knowledge or gaining insights is the target of data science.

As data science is growing, there is a growth in the demand for Data Science Consultants.

What Is Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting is the service where consulting is offered to clients and companies to develop and support their data to run smoothly. it includes an understanding of the business and giving advice for the same. The main services included in data science consulting are analyzing the business, outlining the objectives, and defining the issues to be resolved, consulting services also include preparing the data for the client, transforming the data using the machine learning designs.

Data science venn diagram

There are various methods that are used for data science consulting, statistics methods which include descriptive statistics, programming languages like Python, Java, use of algorithms such as decision tree, linear regression, and many more.

How Do Data Science Consultant Works

The Data Science Consultants builds up the analytics of client’s data and changes it for effective development and handles the data of their business including the machinations. The consultants aim at drawing conclusions from their client’s data and advise them in the best way. The work of every data science differs as per their client”s need, some may require just advice or some may need advanced services like creating the dashboard or an application for the client.

Data Science Consulting Firms

There are many consulting firms dealing with thousands of customers and these firms are ranked on the basis of their popularity and the number of clients they have.

Data Science Consulting Firms

Some of the famous consulting firms in the world are:

Boston Consulting Group

This is a global management consulting firm and also the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. They partner with companies that are private, public or non-profit associations. They are known for their building capabilities, driving sustainable impact and succeeding together with passion and trust.

Slalom Consulting

Slalom is located in Seattle, Washington. Their project pool runs widely and deeply, from applying machine learning to medical data. They help dozens of cities and their businesses by organizing and interpreting the data using visualization and artificial intelligence.


Trianz collaborates with business and technology leaders, helps to formulate and execute strategies to achieve goals and business outcomes. It has offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Dubai, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai.


This firm has helped streamline datasets for industries ranging from Domino to The New York Times. It is located in New York and is prominent in the financial sector.


Deloitte has thousands of professionals in independent firms throughout the world and they collaborate to provide audit, risk management, and tax-related services to their clients. The members are independent and not liable for others, but only for their services. They are allowed to run their independent firms across geographical regions.

Data Science Consulting Companies

If you are looking for a career opportunity in data science, then the list of top companies below is the solution. Data Science is one of the leading fields and there are companies who can give you consulting services or any other help with data, they offer top-notch data-based solutions to the clients.

List of the few major companies for Data Science Consulting

Acheron Analytics

Provide knowledge transfer, data consulting, fraud detection, and training for direct marketing.

BCG Gamma stands for The Boston Consulting Group.

It is one of the leaders in business strategy and advice, they provide fully customized data consulting to their clients.


Specialists in digital insights and business intelligence, they make the customer’s data simpler to access and are listen in top leading companies for Data Science Consulting.

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Analytical People

This company is situated in London, UK, and offers services and resources for data mining or statistical analysis.

Banyan Tree Analytics

Located in Gurgaon, India is a data-driven solution providing automation, modeling, and many more services.


Provides cloud workforce solutions, preparing data for machine learning by their efficient and managed teams.


Gives custom and platform-based solutions, it mainly deals in data analysis, information security, and consulting of data.

Palantir Technologies

Helps with data integration, big data, software of enterprises, data consultancy, data protection.


It is specialized in business intelligence, client data consulting services, solutions for clients solution in education, finance, etc. This company is situated in Santiago, Boston.


Software developers, offering consulting services and training related to data management.

Machine Analytics

Provides analytics and data consultancy for clients in government as well as a private business.

Data Scope Analytics

This consulting company deals in large-scale data analysis, marketing analytics, it has worked with many leading technology and software companies.


This consultancy helps global organizations with training, consultancy, end to end solutions to their clients.

APower Solutions

Located in Atlanta, USA is a consulting company for data mining consultancy and data warehousing.


Specializes in data forecasting and data science consulting, machine learning, and data predictions.

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Data Science Consulting Salary

Working as a data science consultant in a data science consulting firm can be profitable but the factors responsible for the smooth income you need to have regular customers and the rates depend on your work experiences. In dollars, the average salary of a data science consultant can be $108,110 and in Indian currency, it can be Rs.14,88,846.

According to the average salary for a data science consultant is 1,489K/year.

The highest salary for a data science consultant as per in India is rs.25,37,707 per year whereas the lowest salary in India is rs.3,59,018 per year.

Different countries have different pay scales to offer as a data science consultant you can check out the website to know about different salary and packages in different states and countries.

How To Become A Data Science Consultant

Consulting in any field requires great in-depth knowledge and experience. For a Data Science Consultant, you do not require becoming an expert in a specific field, you must acquire new learnings in fields like tax and management, business administration.


There are Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Data Science to become a consultant. Websites like, offer online data science consultant courses. You can also have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management and a Master’s in Data Analytics to become a data science consultant.

Few steps involved to become a data science consultant are

Step 1: Know Your Interests

In order to start your career in this field, you need to understand your interests as data science consulting is a vast field and you have to decide what you are capable of, dealing with minor or major data, consulting changes or handling the entire business of data of a company or client.

Step:2 Undergraduate Program

If you have your goals set earlier, go for undergraduate degrees of data science and data science consultant such as Business and Management or Data Science Analytics. These courses are available both online and offline, for online courses check out the websites like,

Step:3 Postgraduate Course

After completing the undergraduate course you can also opt for postgraduate courses like Masters in Data Analytics or Masters in Business and Management with both online and offline sources available for the same.

Step:4 Certification Courses

For the ones who already have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in other fields but are interested in being a Data Science Consultant, they can do various certification courses offered by different websites like, or and many more. They have certification courses in all price ranges suitable as per your budget.

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Challenges in Data Science Consulting

Large Field

Data Science Consulting is a very large field to work on so the consultant might have challenges dealing with it.

New Changes

Learning new things every day, this field is growing enormously, and to keep pace the consultants should be aware and learn every little change in the industry to help the clients

Defining Your Niche

Another challenge for data science consulting can be defining the niche, there is a large variety of niches in data science but it is the task of the consultant to choose his/her niche, passion, the area you are interested to work on. There is so much to explore and you cannot miss out on any.

Availability of clients

Starting your career as a Data Science Consultant is easier than sustaining in the market, you need to build your network and ensure you have regular clients to work with because this field has a huge competition and all have almost the same work rate to offer.

Platforms Where I Get Data Science Consulting


There are various online and offline freelancing platforms to begin as a data science consultant. Freelancing has become a trend and people doing a regular job also begins freelancing to increase their financial status. There are various freelancing websites such as,,, and many more. You can search for freelancing jobs in business groups created on social media platforms like,, These websites can not give you jobs in your country but can also provide work in many other countries as well.


Online presence and creating a portfolio is also important as it is easier to reach out when your online presence is strong and with online websites for your work will bring in maximum reach. If you are a beginner you can watch youtube videos on making portfolios and other websites like, where you can learn and make free portfolios for yourself.

While making portfolios make sure you are thoughtful and showcase your unique and creative work.

Meetings and Network

Attending industry events or meetings is another platform for a data science consultant from other data science consulting firm, your work network should include people working in industries and companies with big data. Once you gain some experience you will be in contact with many companies or their associates so you need to build up your marketing network and attend all business events to hold a position in the industry.

Campus Recruitment

In the earlier sections, it was mentioned that there are many colleges that offer courses related to Data Science Consultant, and while completing your degree, companies can make recruitments and you can kick start your career.

Required Skills To Become Data Science Consultant

1.Analytical Mindset

The first and foremost skill should be able to deal with data and have an analytical mindset, to be able to analyze the information.

2.Problem Solving Attitude

A job of a consultant is to solve the problem of their client, so a problem-solving attitude is a skill required by a data science consultant. Helping the client and making correct predictions make you a specialist.

3.Knowledge of Programming

A data science consultant must be aware of programming, knowledge of the program and a background in statistics makes it easier to handle big data of companies and consulting right options to the clients. The programming which is required by a Data Science Consultant can be Java, as this is the most widely used, and others can be Scala or Python. You can learn these programming languages online or offline, for online visit websites like,


1.What makes data science consulting companies appealing to work for?

Data Science Consulting Firms have customers who are the top leading companies for which every beginner will be delighted to work. These companies have generous salary packages and apart from salary, the latest technologies to handle data some companies offer other perks like vacations, trips which makes it appealing to work for a data science consulting company.

2.What does a data science consultant do?

Data science consultant provides expert opinions, analyzes data, draw conclusions and insights and solve data-related problems of their client.

3.Is being data science consultant worth it?

The demand for Data Science and Data Science Consultant is growing tremendously, and many big companies are offering handsome salary packages for data science consultant, there is a huge necessity for this and can be a good career option.

4.Is starting a free data science consulting a crazy idea?

You can go for a business of your own as a data science consultant but running it free might be a wrong decision unless you want to offer this service to needy ones as there are many companies who are paying good salaries to data science consultants.

All You Need To Know About Data Science Consulting in 2021

I am a technical writer and have covered many topics including Data Science. Data Science is going to be one of the best career options in the upcoming years and my blog is well-researched and has all information about Data science and career.

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All You Need To Know About Data Science Consulting in 2021

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I am a technical writer and have covered many topics including Data Science. Data Science is going to be one of the best career options in the upcoming years and my blog is well-researched and has all information about Data science and career.