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Springboard Data Science Course- The Most Promising Bootcamp


With the fast pacing technology, future career plans hugely depend upon your ability to add the most in-demand skills. Every second a lot of data is generated. The raw data is of immense value and can be researched to answer questions. Thus, data science is a new must-have skill. To make you ready for the data world Springboard offers an online learning data science course that too with a job guarantee.

Springboard is an online programming school that offers flexible online courses that are mentor-led and comes with a stipulated job guarantee. If you are not able to secure a job within six months of the course, the platform gives you a 100% refund as well, only if you meet all the requirements. Springboard provides different workshops and comprehensive programs.

In this article, we will discuss the curriculum, fee, mentor service and reviews of the Springboard Data Science course.

Springboard Data Science Course Curriculum


The curriculum covers a broad aspect of data science. Springboard does not have inbuilt material instead they provide learning material from open and paid resources. The course curriculum, in brief, is as follows:

  • The Python Data Science Stack: Students learn about coding in Python using the PEP8 standard, how to use the tools and libraries. They learn to build visualizations with Matplotlib and Seaborn.  
  • Data Wrangling: Data wrangling comprises acquiring raw data, cleaning it, and getting it into a proper format for analysis. You will learn to use Pandas and Application Programming Interfaces, etc.
  • The Data Story: This unit will help you to make conclusions from data sets and get answers. 
  • Statistical Inference: Inferential statistics help understand trends and characteristics of data. The unit deals with  statistical significance of data, correlation and regression, building A/B split tests, and conduct exploratory data analysis
  • Machine Learning: Computer science and statistics combined to extract useful insights from data makes the concept of Machine Learning (ML). Students will learn about naive Bayes classifiers, linear and logistic regression, support vector machines, decision trees, and clustering.
  • Software Engineering for Data Science: This unit will help you in writing better code, testing and debugging, and working with production systems. This enables you to be a better coder. 
  • Data Science at Scale: This section deals with MapReduce, SparkML, understanding NoSQL databases and how they differ from SQL, etc. 
  • Advanced Machine Learning:  This unit involves Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and the techniques powering machine translation, self-driving cars, and more.

Springboard Data Science Cost & Tuition Fees

The full tuition for Springboard’s Data Science Career Track sums up to $8,940. The platform allows multiple payment options like: 

  • Upfront Payment: If you make a payment of $8,500 upfront for 6 months upon enrollment you will get a 16% discount. This is equivalent to saving $1,440 and only paying $7,500 for the course.
  • Monthly Payments: Pay $1,490 only for each month. The sooner you finish the course the higher your savings will be. 
  • Deferred Tuition: Only pay a small upfront deposit of $700 first. You can pay the rest when you land a job. After that, you have to pay the final balance in 36 monthly installments of $383.
  • Student Loan: Springboard along with Climb Credit helps with loans for students. Loans are only available for US citizens. 
  • Scholarships: If you are a woman in tech, veterans, and at-need students, you may apply for Springboard’s diversity scholarships.

Springboard Data Science Average Salary & Mentor Salary

According to Springboard, learners who enrolled in the program have got a $25.8k+ average salary increase. The intensive course enables students to learn updated technologies and grab better opportunities. The mentors help students right from interview preparation to salary negotiation.

 As stated by Glassdoor the average salary for a Springboard Mentor is $55,418 in the United States. Each of the mentors has 4 students under them. The mentos guide students to become successful in their field.

Springboard Data Science Career Track Review

The Springboard course provides personalized feedback from experts mentors on your assignments and capstone projects. The tailored mentoring programs help in the transition of your career to new heights in an efficient way. The mentors guide learners with applying for jobs, they have weekly calls, do interview preparation, advise learners on career growth, resume creation, professional networking, soft skills and salary negotiation, etc. 

Learning never stops at Springboard, feedback and follow-up calls are conducted with your mentor for a better learning experience. You will have teaching assistants and slack communities with peers and experts to help you solve any possible difficulty.

YouTube video

The Springboard data science course enables learners with all-round support with weekly calls, consumer support and even with job placements. Springboard has an average rating of 4.69 out of 5 on Switchup . Springboard also received the Best Bootcamp award in 2021.


The platform does not have in-house built material. They provide resources from various open and paid platforms in chronological order. The materials are usually from CS109 Data Science Harvard course, PyCon talks, and Khan Academy. The course contains lectures and custom assignments on inferential statistics, data wrangling, data storytelling, and machine learning. 


The one-on-one mentorship service of Springboard is what keeps it ahead of its competitors. You are free to choose your mentor. The mentors guide learners through weekly 30 minutes video calls. They are experts from different fields and those working in top firms. The mentor guides students individually with classes, job application, interview preparation, and salary negotiation too. The mentorship is truly 1-on-1 and not 1 over many!

Assignments and Capstone

Along with learning modules and videos, you will have assignments and two large capstone projects. Unlike MOOCs, mentors will help you solve queries regarding assignments and material on Springboard. The capstone projects involve applying all the knowledge that you gathered in a working project and meanwhile building your portfolio. 

Job Placement Guarantee

As of now, 2021, only two platforms offer job guarantees, Springboard and Thinkful. You need to be eligible for the requirements to get the job guarantee. The stipulate as generated by the Springboard is required to be fulfilled.



The course might seem to be expensive. Although the course material and career guidance prove to be worth your money. Also, you can get a full refund of the fee if you do not land a job within six months of taking the course. Note: This is only applicable if you meet the requirements.

Springboard Data Science Interview Questions

Springboard personal mentors prepare learners individually for the job interviews. They guide you throughout the interview process. However, the basic aspects of questions can be listed out to prepare better.

Interviewers look for creativity and genuine curiosity in the candidates. The questions in interviews range from different topics like SQL, Machine Learning, Programming, etc, of the field to the mindset of the candidates. The general aspects and questions asked in most interviews are listed here:

Programming Questions

Interviewers will ask you to solve a particular programming problem in theory without writing out the code, and then they might ask you to code on the spot.

General questions like-

  • Which programming languages and environments are you most comfortable working in?
  • What are some pros and cons about your preferred statistical software?
  • What are the two main components of the Hadoop framework?
  • How is memory managed in Python? etc.


Modeling helps in presenting data for general people to understand easily. Interviewers might ask if you’ve had experience with designing a model for an employer or client. Or, how would you create a logistic regression model for a given data?

Statistical Interview

Statistical inference is about analyzing data and making predictions with the help of trends and tools. The interviewer may ask about Central Limit Theorem, Sampling, the difference between errors, or about the Binomial Probability Formula, etc.


The interviewers look for individuals with unique personalities. The soft skills and hard skills both are equally important to fetch you a high paying job. They look for your approach to difficult problems, participation in team works, behavior towards others, leadership skills and how you handle failure.  Such questions may include-

  • When was the last time you failed and what you learned from it?
  • What are the challenges that you faced?
  • How will you resolve a conflict?

Springboard has a dedicated interview questions and answers page. Head over here to boost your preparation.

Springboard Data Science Bootcamp

Data is the new oil and is the fastest-growing field with unlimited job roles. The Springboard Data Science Bootcamp is a specifically designed data science course that prepares learners with the most advanced skills. The program is self-paced and can be completed within 6 to 9 months of learning.

The course provides 1-on-1 mentorship for students to guide them with skill growth, preparation, job application, and salary negotiation as well. There are 14 projects and two larger capstone projects that you can showcase in your portfolio.

The mentor guides in resume building and LinkedIn profile up-gradation as well. The amalgamation of premium study material and personalized coaching ensures a higher paying position for learners. You will receive certification that can be shared over LinkedIn after successful completion of the course.

Springboard Data Science India

The Springboard Data Science course is available worldwide for learners irrespective of their nationality and region. Learners have trusted Springboard in India and got placed in esteemed organizations. The course includes 500-600 hours of learning material and modules. You will have weekly video call sessions with your mentor. The program also prepares you with mock interviews and personalized feedback.

To be eligible for the job guarantee, you need to fulfill these criteria:

To be 18 years or older while enrolling.

Have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from an accredited institution.

Must be proficient in spoken and written English.

You need to be eligible to legally work in India for at least 1 year following graduation from the program.

To be able to pass any background checks associated with jobs that you apply for throughout the program. 

Two payments mode are available for Indian students: 

  • EMI: You can pay INR 25k upfront to confirm your seat in the program and the rest can be paid as zero interest EMI through Zestmoney. This sums up to INR 14,167 per month for 12 months.
  • Upfront payment: You pay INR 25k upfront to confirm your seat and the balance 1.7L can be paid as a single payment before the course starts.

Springboard Data Science Job Placement Guarantee

The Springboard Data Science course comes with a job guarantee within six months of the course. If you are unable to get a job, then you will get a 100% fee refund only if you maintain the eligibility criteria. The job guarantee is one of the major factors for the popularity of Springboard data science courses. The job guarantee is only available for US residents. To know if you are eligible for a job guarantee, reach over here

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Pros and Cons Of This Program

Broader & holistic syllabus as compared to MOOCsEasier for learners with a STEM background
Comes with a job guaranteeMight be expensive
Flexible payment modeInterviews might be tough
Unlimited support & 1-on-1 mentorshipNeed to be more disciplined
Average salary increase of $23,000Previous knowledge is required
Get a job within 6 months or refundJob guarantee only eligible to learners in US/Canada
Pros and Cons of the Springboard Data Science Course

Let’s have a brief look at the benefitting points:

  • Expert Instructors: The highly qualified and experienced instructors and teaching assistants are happy to help you understand the concepts and apply them in real-life projects.
  • Holistic Curriculum: The curriculum is designed such that it stays at pace with new technologies and skills. The expert curriculum aligns and adjusts to meet your career goals.
  • Employer Network: A great company makes a person better. You get to network with like minded personalities and access to their sought-after employer network (Facebook, NASA, Boeing, Amazon, etc.).
  • Increases salary: Students have reported a verified average salary increase of $23,000.
  • Top Rated Course: The course has been voted the best online coding boot camp by SwitchUp.
  • Job Guarantee: You get a 100% job guarantee. Receive a 100% refund if you don’t get a job within 6 months only if you are eligible. 
  • Flexible Schedule: College students as well as full-time workers both can choose the course. You get an option to choose between 6-8 months to study (15-36 hours per week).
  • 1-on-1 Mentor Support: You get a personal coach to guide you in every step. They will prepare you for interviews, mock tests, and teach work-space practices. The unlimited access to a mentor will motivate, guide, encourage and help you achieve your goals.


The Springboard Data Science course is a power-packed learning opportunity. Although it may seem to be a little expensive, the course ensures a job guarantee and all-round growth. Most learners earned increased packages after completing the course. The mentorship along with personalized feedbacks and calls will not only improve your resume but your overall skills. Thus, the course is a fair choice to upskill yourself for better data science job roles.


Is Springboard Data Science Bootcamp right for you?

If you are keen to explore and make a career in data science, then the Springboard Data Science Bootcamp is something for you. The bootcamp ensures you are skilled in the data science field. 

Is Springboard worth it?

Yes, Springboard is completely worth it. Most of the online customer reviews are positive. The platform offers full support to learners and provides 1-on-1 mentorship with experts. Plus! You get a job guarantee. 

 Is Springboard Data Science legit?

Springboard is a legit place for learning. The platform provides guidance with the job application, preparation, interviews and even salary negotiation. Along with a job guarantee, they also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the program.

Is the Springboard course self-paced?

All the courses are self-paced throughout an average of 6-9 months. Students are matched with an expert personal mentor who guides them throughout the program.

What are the top companies that hire from springboard alumni?

Some of the top hiring companies that hire from springboard alumni are Nielsen, Amazon, Nasa, Boeing, and Reddit. The platform offers a world class learning experience that gets students a higher pay and position.

What to do if you don’t get into Springboard Data Science Bootcamp?

If you do not get into the Springboard Data Science Bootcamp, you may enroll in the data science prep course to strengthen your skills.

Is there any difference between K2 Data Science and Springboard Data Science Bootcamp?

K2 Data Science is a part-time online data science bootcamp that helps working professionals become data scientists in 24 weeks. This is a Python-based program that includes live lectures, group study sessions, one-on-one support, and more.
Learners get to explore Python programming, machine learning, data wrangling, project design, etc. 
Whereas Springboard provides a 6-9 months long data science learning. The curriculum is broader and comes with a job guarantee or full refund.

How do I choose between the Springboard Data Science Career Track and Thinkful Data Science?

Although the curriculum is somewhat similar, the positive reviews for the Thinkful Data Science course are much higher. The Thinkful data science course is rated as easier than Springboard, it also offers 1-on-1 mentorship and financial help to learners. 

Springboard Data Science Course- The Most Promising Bootcamp

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Springboard Data Science Course- The Most Promising Bootcamp

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"I make chemistry with words and chemicals"Hey! I am Radhika Mishra, a chemistry enthusiast, and a freelance content writer. I love writing and have been working on regular projects with websites, blogs, and startups. I also help entrepreneurs with LinkedIn branding and optimizing their profiles. Thanks for reading!