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What is the work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang?

work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang

Most of us might have heard about Mojang Studios. The creator of the best-selling game of all time, “Minecraft ”, Mojang Studio is a game development studio headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.  Built in 2009, Mojang Studios quickly rose to fame and acquired Microsoft only 5 years from its incorporation. There are lots of freshers and experienced people who try to work at Mojang because of its healthy and good work environment. The work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang studio is extremely good as they love to work there because of health and good environment.

The company has displayed sustainable growth over the years and currently employs over 600 employees. The Mojang Studios have also worked on projects such as Caller’s Bane, Crown and Council, and Minecraft Dungeons, to name a few. Working there is the best thing for any talented employee. You can work with the smartest people and enjoy many good peers. The culture is super healthy!

Mojang Studios also have other games in their portfolio, as mentioned above. This is done and organized by specialized teams of talented game developers, data scientists and analysts, graphic designers, etc. This company showcases the dream job for many budding game developers and data scientists, along with die-hard Minecraft fans.

What is the role of Data Scientists in the Gaming Industry like Mojang?

The role of a data scientist is to collect data and analyze it to find patterns and similarities that can be exploited to improve the gaming experience as a whole. Data scientists also have the responsibility to increase user retention and user interaction. Data analysts are in charge of developing algorithms, machine learning models, that will help in solving the security and game optimizing issues the company currently or will encounter in the future. So, they should provide a good work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang or any other company as they are more useful for the success of the company.

Data Scientist has become one of the hottest jobs in the world currently. With thousands of new users signing up for online gaming platforms every second, it has become imperative for gaming companies to level up their own business models and service portfolio. Data scientists analyze raw data and synthesize it into results that can be easily understood.

Terabytes of data have been available at little to no cost to these big online gaming companies whose full potential is yet to be fully tapped into. This data can be analyzed to optimize their games, discover user preferences, devise marketing strategies according to it, evaluate service performance, recognize logical relationships, etc. In general, data scientists use the data and analyze them to solve real-world problems for many companies such as Mojang.

What is the work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang Studios?

Mojang studios actively manage multiple online platform games which can be played on cross-platform devices. Mojang Studios are actively looking for new talents to join their data science and analytics team to actively manage and improve the existing games and lay the groundwork and algorithms for new project undertakings. The data scientists supporting Minecraft: Dungeons and other new games in their portfolio have to work with their colleagues, and teammates using some of the top-tier, state-of-the-art tools like the Databricks featured in Azure, statistical analysis languages like Python, R, spark, devise behavior models, etc.

They will have to collaborate with multiple departments, including production, game design, and developing the context and premises of the game. The team employees would have the opportunity to work with many talented and experienced individuals in their respective fields and would be a great learning opportunity. The teams are in charge of formulating strategic insights that will directly affect the business model and the product portfolio of the company.

Mojang culture is flexible (employees are encouraged to work when they like and how they like), fun (offices have nap pods, video games, and ping pong), and founded on trust. Overall the work environment likefor a data scientist at Mojang is good as they learn new things from there, especially the fresher and experienced people. They learn how to work in a team and on live projects. It will give a confident and positive approach among employers regarding a project.

What is the work culture at Mojang Studio Company?

work environment like for a data scientist at Mojang

The Mojang Studio offers a family-like work environment to its employees and promotes teamwork and collective efforts. It also encourages positive reinforcement and promotes a fun and productive working environment. They value hard work and give proper recognition to their employees. The company and its management follow Space colony’s values of collaboration and encourage positive relationships among its employees. The company is more focused on experimenting and innovation rather than following traditional methods to achieve goals. The employees are provided with an environment where they are conditioned to develop high levels of resilience and the skills necessary to adapt, take calculated risks, and make most of the opportunities presented before them. 

The Space Colony model promotes meritocracy and values ideas and concepts highly. Employees are rewarded socially and intellectually during the brainstorming sessions, moonwalk sessions and collaborate to advance the team and the company to the moon!

The employees of Mojang studio have a perfectly balanced work-life balance where they are primarily focused on the achievement of milestones rather than the hours put in for work. They make sure that the company employees are leading a stress-free and healthy lifestyle. This ensures an increase in efficiency and productivity of the employees.

What are the Microsoft Policies for its employers?

Microsoft acquired Mojang Studio in 2014 via the Xbox Game Studio, and Mojang and Minecraft have been the part and jewel of the Microsoft family ever since. Microsoft is excellent about its policies which employers have to follow during work time. These things make a good working environment among the employers, like for a data scientist at Mojang. There are many policies made by them, such as an employer, and they should encourage and promote equal opportunities to all other genders, whether it is a male or female. Every applicant who clears the necessary eligibility criteria is considered for employment without any bias and on equal grounds.

Microsoft and Mojang Studio have been very liberal in their talent acquisition and open their door to talented individuals without regard to sex, age, color, medical condition, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Employees with criminal histories are also qualified, provided they meet all the other eligibility criteria and if they are consistent with legal requirements. If, in any case, during the application process, or the recruiting phase of the program, the applicant faces any disability or is in need of assistance, the applicant can submit an Accommodation Request Form.

Wrapping out

Mojang Studios is one of the leading companies in game development. They provide an ideal work environment to their employers like for a data scientist. It will help them to unleash their ideas and creativity and give a platform to work with talented individuals. If you are a talented data analyst, Mojang Studios is the perfect stage for you to showcase your talents because of its work environment. Lucky for you, they are hiring right now, so prepare your cv and take a shot at it yourself.

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